will.i.am: 'I'll wear women's clothes any day!'

By Drum Digital
23 September 2016

will.i.am isn’t embarrassed to admit he wears women’s clothing


The Black Eyed Peas singer is famous for his unusual style and has several fashion collaborations under his belt, such as a smartwatch with Gucci. When it comes to selecting his outfits, will won't let anything hold him back - even if the clothes weren't designed for him.

“I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a boutique asking for a jacket or a T-shirt, and they'll say, ‘Sorry, sir, that's a women's item,’" he told Elle.com. “And I'm like, ‘Okay, but does it come in a big girl size? Because I'll wear that s**t.’"

will is a big fan of unisex fashion, insisting females were the ones who invented it thanks to their desire to wear pieces such as jeans and suits. The star was even persuaded to reveal the last piece of women’s clothing he bought, though he kept the label a secret.

“Okay. It was a long, awesome shirt with a lot of incredible detail at the collar,” he grinned. “It was a rare brand. But I don't want to tell people where to go get all my cool stuff. You have a lot of readers!”

Rather than shop online will likes to visit boutiques to experience a more personal touch. He has his favourites in Los Angeles, such as Traffic and Maxfield, and he’s a big fan of H. Lorenzo too, who makes an effort to invite him into the store.

"I like the H. Lorenzo guys because they call me all the time, and say (in an Italian accent), ‘Will! You must come see these things we have found for you!’" he laughed. “Lorenzo knows I'm going to come every season and buy out half of his floor.”

When Fashion Week comes around will likes to sit front row at some of the hottest shows, recently taking in Opening Ceremony in New York and Gareth Pugh in London. Quizzed on why he often attends shows for womenswear, the musician quipped: "These walls keep being broken down... It's not all the way there yet for fashion, but it'll get there."

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