Winnie Modise opens up

By Drum Digital
09 August 2013

Winnie Modise has tried to maintain a dignified silence but the allegations by her estranged husband have forced her to speak out.

THE change in her mood is instant. As soon as we’re alone, it only takes a second for her wide smile and bright eyes to vanish. Tears roll down

her cheeks and heart-wrenching sobs shake her body.

Winnie Modise (37) is a woman in pain.

Today, for the first time, she’s sharing the truth about her failed seven-year marriage to SABC cameraman Thabo Modise.

“I hate discussing my personal life with the media but I have to address the lies that are being told about me. It hurts so much that my relationship with Thabo has got to the point that he’s spreading nasty rumours,” she says emotionally.

“That he would try to hurt me in this manner, by discussing our private life so publicly, has just destroyed me. This is why I have to speak out – my silence is killing me and my reputation has been destroyed.”

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