Wishing upon an island

By Drum Digital
25 August 2010

PICTURE this: an R80- billion man-made island of luxury homes and pristine beaches off the coast of Cape Town, with uninterrupted views of Robben Island and Table Mountain.

Millions of tons of sand and rock will be poured into the sea to create a new business and lifestyle centre – oh, and billionaire property mogul Donald Trump is said to be interested ...Sound like the pie-in-the-sky dream of someone with more imagination than common sense? Absolutely – although the couple at the helm of all this have a way of getting their way – just look at what they have achieved to date.

The woman is none other than TV star and businesswoman Carol Bouwer and the man her determined, go-getter husband, developer Edward Bouwer. Carol (36) has been helping Edward (46) hatch plans for a 900-hectare development called Peace Island for some years now.

Until recently, few have taken the idea seriously – and Carol says she doesn’t blame them. “I know it sounds loopy,” the gorgeous mom of one says.

“That’s just what I thought when my husband said he wanted to build an island seven years ago. But the more he spoke about it, the more I came to understand the concept. I’m married to an amazing innovator and when he sets his mind to something he usually gets it done.”

Carol has roped in builders, planners and engineers, has done an environmental impact assessment, set up a website and already has a full architectural model of the island in her office.

She’s ready to roll it out as soon as the investors roll in, she says. And what’s more, it’s a project with a conscience: millions of rands will be poured into low-cost housing.

It’s the kind of ambitious scheme we’ve come to expect from Carol, who mapped out her plans when she started out as presenter of educational programme Teleschool at age 17.

Since then her career has rocketed – and she has somehow managed to avoid her name being dragged through the mud by tabloid gossip.

This despite the fact that she lives the high life with holiday houses around the world, a fabulous home on billionaire’s row at Cape Town’s Waterfront and another exclusive pad in Hout Bay, complete with a wardrobe full of designer threads and luxury vehicles at her disposal.

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