Wits postpones general assembly

By Drum Digital
07 October 2016

The University of the Witwatersrand has postponed its planned general assembly on Friday.

Johannesburg -

“We will postpone the general assembly until consensus is reached and the conditions for such an assembly are met,” the university said in a statement.

Head of communications Shirona Patel said there is a risk that the safety and security of those attending the assembly cannot be guaranteed.

A congregation of the general assembly is called when the university community has reached consensus on a particular issue.

The decision to hold a general assembly was made on Tuesday, following three weeks of protests by students across the country calling for free quality higher education.

On Thursday, Vice Chancellor Adam Habib said if consensus was not reached during the general assembly, the institution could be forced to shut down completely.

The university said the mediation process with the protesting students was unsuccessful.

“The university has dedicated many resources in preparation for this major event, including negotiating the pledge that was to be read out today, ensuring the availability of key role-players, and losing out on another week of lectures,” it said.

Source: News24

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