Woman Crush Wednesday: Khanyi Mbau

By Drum Digital
30 September 2015

While your #WCW is getting her summer body ready…

With celebrities and people alike flooding social media with posts about their gym routines and summer-body-readiness progress, some kids were born with it shem... and they're not afraid to flaunt it. The “Queen of bling”, Khanyi Mbau just took the wind out of your favorite #WCW’s gym posts with a single Instagram post.

When we asked what gym routine she follows, the Katch It With Khanyi host said: "I don't go to gym; I have good genes and I eat right".

Besides trending on Twitter, Khanyi’s now inspiring people to take their health and bodies seriously incorporating eating right into their gym routines.

See Khanyi’s summer-ready body in the pics below:

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