Woman poet tells ANCYL leader

By Drum Digital
14 September 2015

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai has hit back at newly elected ANC Youth League president Collen Maine who crudely criticised her for calling for stronger women leaders.

Mazwai was responding to comments made by Maine at the league's 71st birthday celebration in Mbombela on Thursday night, where he was quoted as saying "if her dirty panties are loose she must not take that it is true for the women in the ANC".

"Perhaps this greasy panty (sic) called Ntsiki [Mazwai] needs to be reminded that historically [the] ANC has been on the forefront of the struggle to liberate women," he said.

Their to and fro appears to be centred on the role of women within the organisation.

In an open letter to Maine, posted on Mazwai’s blog, the poet had some scathing words for the new league leader.

“Initially I was shocked and disturbed by your recent comments about me. However, after much thought, I am amused by you and your style of leadership, or rather, lack thereof,” she wrote.

“I am sure it’s the same women’s liberation that had your women’s league silent at you spewing such bile. Is it the kind of women’s lib which silences women and sexualises female bodies?”

“Your women’s liberation, in 100yr of ANC has never seen a female president. Your women’s liberation can kiss my ass,” Mazwai said.

“You have NEVER been a voice for the youth. Based on your speech, you are an empty shell. You failed to respond with the dignity, respect and humility of a true leader. Your response was a cheap shot and it cheapened you.

“All we know about you is that you crossed over to Cope and went back to ANC to be rewarded with an MEC post. I’ll tell you now…for free… that alone looks very strange. It smells of a political rat,” she said, referring the opposition Congress of the People claiming Maine had walked over to them years ago, an allegation he has denied.

Channel24 reported earlier this month that she took to social networking site Twitter when she complained about women who were part of the ANC, saying they were "idiots" who "slept their way there" and that the "ANC wants yo panties".

Source: News24

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