Women spend 3 years of their lives in the kitchen

By Drum Digital
30 January 2014

Women spend on average three years of their lives in the kitchen, according to a survey.

The UK poll found that British women spent more than eight hours a week in kitchen preparing meals, which equates to 18 days a year

It isn't all slaving over a hot stove, however. Women spend 20 minutes a day of relaxation in the kitchen, reading the newspaper or enjoying a cup of tea.

Unsurprisingly, 45 per cent of the women surveyed said that they found a man with a nice kitchen attractive (perhaps it's the idea of him in it!).

It's a trend that extends to Australian households too. While the latest Census data reported an overall drop in the hours both men and women spent doing unpaid housework, more women than men do the bulk of a household's domestic chores.

In 2011, 1.4 million women said they spend between 15 and 30 hours a week doing housework, compared with 500000 men.

- SOurce: Yahoo7

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