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26 November 2013

A court found a dentist couple guilty of murdering their 14-year-old daughter and a servant five years ago.

German tourist uses shoelaces to survive mountain fall

Wanja Drees slipped and broke his leg climbing Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand. He tied his legs together and dragged himself part-way down the mountain to get help.

The first 50-metre slide down Mt Ruapehu broke his left leg and the second 50 metres bashed his right leg.

The 19-year-old from Germany had been hiking alone in an area called Te Heuheu Valley, near the summit, when he fell. Having seen his mobile phone tumble down the mountain as he slid, he knew he wouldn't be able to call for help. His shouts went unanswered too.

He decided to use his shoelaces to tie his legs together, then to slide down the mountain to where he knew there was a lift station and, maybe, help.

Australia Zoo tiger bites trainer on neck

A tiger trainer is in a serious condition after being bitten by one of his charges.

The 30-year-old man suffered suspected puncture wounds to the neck during the incident, which happened at Australia Zoo at Beerwah.

He was treated by paramedics at the scene before being flown to Brisbane.

Indian parents guilty of killing daughter

A court found a dentist couple guilty of murdering their 14-year-old daughter and a servant five years ago, in a dramatic finale to a case that transfixed the country and tapped unease on both sides of the rich-poor divide.

Aarushi Talwar was found with her throat slit at the family home in Noida, an affluent town in 2008. A day later, the body of the family servant, Hemraj, was discovered.

Early in the investigation, police alleged Rajesh had murdered his daughter and servant in a rage after finding them in a compromising situation - the kind of crime more often associated with rural, conservative parts of India where "honour killings" are not uncommon.

Brazilians wary over mass beach robberies

Dozens of marauding youths descended en masse, snatching beach bags and mobile phones, ripping gold chains from necks and setting off sandy stampedes by panicked beachgoers.

Such mass beach robberies were once a hair-raisingly frequent occurrence, but they had largely disappeared in recent years as this notoriously dangerous city got markedly safer — a trend credited to a galloping economy and police operations that wrested control of more than 200 "favela" hillside slums from the drug-dealing gangs that controlled them.

But the "arrastoes," or "big drags" as they're known in Portuguese, are back, and the gang raids on November 15 and 20 spread alarm through a city gearing up to host soccer's World Cup in just over six months and the Summer Olympics in 2016.

Police initially dismissed the incidents as stampedes caused by fights, but later acknowledged they were mass robberies. Officials announced they will step up weekend beach patrols and set up mobile police posts to make it easier for victims to report crimes.

Man sues bank for heart attack

A man is suing Bank of America, claiming the banking giant gave him a heart attack.

John Stecher, 61, claims the bank’s mistake caused him stress, following which he collapsed in a local branch and had to be rushed to the hospital.

After his mortgage was lost, Stecher allegedly started getting calls from bank employees who warned him that his “credit history would be negatively impacted.”

Stecher says he went to the branch office to pay his mortgage but his lawyer Paul Goodson claims the bank lost the payment.

Goodson told a local TV station that while pleading with the bank manager to find his payment, his client became distressed and started experiencing shortness of breath.

Saudi Arabia man gets 20 lashes for beating wife

A court in eastern Saudi Arabia has sentenced a husband to 20 lashes for allegedly hitting his wife on her shoulder.

The case was filed one month ago in Al Qateef by the wife, who presented a medical report supporting her claim.

According to Gulf News, the husband, in his 30s, said that he did not mean to hurt his wife and said that he was merely joking with her.

Even though the wife later told the authorities that she was dropping the case after reconciliation with her husband, the prosecution refused to dismiss the public charges.

The judge ruled that the wife had the right to attend the flogging.

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