World news in brief

By Drum Digital
09 November 2013

 Typhoon hits the Philippines

One of the most intense typhoons ever recorded tore into the Philippines, triggering flash floods and ripping down buildings as millions of people huddled indoors. Super Typhoon Haiyan smashed into fishing communities on the central island of Samar. The strength of the wind made it one of the four most powerful typhoons ever recorded in the world, and the most powerful to have made landfall. – SAPA-AFP

French man too fat to fly

A French family who went to the United States for medical treatment said they were stranded in Chicago after British Airways determined their son was too fat to fly. Kevin Chenais, 22, spent a year and a half at the Mayo Clinic for treatment of a hormone disorder which led him to weigh 500 pounds. His mother was near tears as she described the family's problems to the local CBS affiliate. The family has decided their only option is to take a train to New York and get back to France on the Queen Mary cruise ship. – SAPA-AFP

Casualties in Darfur rebel ambush

Dozens of government troops have been killed during a rebel ambush in Sudan's Darfur, a regional analyst said, confirming an unusually high toll for the troubled region. There were "huge" casualties on the government side, numbering in the "dozens", although exact figures were unclear, the analyst said. Rebels were also killed, though in lesser numbers. – SAPA-AFP

Hackers taunt Singapore leader

After Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong vowed to track down Anonymous members, the hacktivist network responded by defacing the leader’s website and openly taunting him.  Alongside images of Guy Fawkes-clad figures, the group posted messages that included: “It’s great to be Singaporean today” and “Anonymous Was Here Biatch!” on a section of the Prime Minister’s official website.  The hacked portion of the website was later taken offline.

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