Yellow dress lady collapses after teasing

By Drum Digital
16 February 2014

The woman in the yellow dress at the state of the nation address, Thandile Sunduza, collapsed at OR Tambo on Friday and was admitted in hospital where she’s recovering.

Posting on Facebook, the chairperson of the arts and culture portfolio committee in parliament spoke out about her teasing on Friday.

“I see I make Headlines,” she said in a post. “I won't be surprised if I get a miscarriage.”

Social media went crazy when the picture of Sunduza in her crunched yellow satin dress with the boob tube top part that badly fitting to her bust was posted.

Many comments said her outfit was a fashion fail. While a lot of other people criticised her for wearing something unflattering for her body and curves.

Sunduza spoke saying: “I am 7 months pregnant it’s not a secret,” she wrote on her facebook wall.

“I'm not sure about comments about my stomach and that I'm OROS's wife.”

She went on further to blame her fashion mishap on her designer.

“Oh thanks to the designer who let me down on the last minute, the dress was torn, cloth falling.  Had to cut it in the office it was a disaster.”

“Mihlali Gqada wandenza, even my family members are laughing calling and teasing me,” she said.

Gqada, designer for Sdudla Couture responded with her own statement, saying the dress that Sunduza wore on the red carpet was not the one she had designed.

“The dress sent was a lime off-the-shoulder not a boob cube as she wore and it had lace overlay/droppings which was appropriate for her current state (pregnancy),” she explained.

“What Ms Sunduza wore was the under garment of the dress sent to her. So she unanimously with no consultation with me, she went and got the dress redone by people I do not know without my knowledge, which is her prerogative as that. The petticoat she ended up wearing as a dress was exactly that, the under garment of the dress."


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