YFM's new line-up

By Drum Digital
01 April 2014

Youth radio station YFM announced its new line-up.

Youth radio station YFM announced its new line-up, effective today with brand new breakfast and afternoon drive shows for the 2014-2015 programming year. 2014 Line up

Monday – Friday

00h00 – 03h00:  The Lift off – ‘Smash’ Afrika Mdutyulwa

03h00 – 06h00:  First Base – Thuilsa Kanzi

06h00 – 09h00: Rise and Tap – Bryce ‘DJ Ankletap’ Clarke, Manstoe ‘Pout’ Tsatsi and Phindi ‘Boss Lady’ Ziqubu

09h00 – 10h00: Hot99

Monday  - Breaking & Entering: Linda Mbuso

Tuesday – R&B: Khutso ‘The Lady Theledi’

Wednesday – Dubstep: Kay ‘DJ Doowap’ Morgan

Thursday – Hip Hop

Friday – Dance: Just Mo

10h00 -12h00: To be announced

12h00 – 15h00: The best thing ever – Sabby

15h00 – 19h00: The Freeway – Mo Flava (Khutso and Sol Phenduka) includes YTKO mix feature Mon- Fri.

19h00-21h00: The Lowdown – Zama Dube

21h00-22h00: Hot99 (Same as above)

22h00 – 24h00: Speciality Music from Monday-Friday (Live n Reyired etc)

Saturday- Sunday

00h00-03h00: Party Central – Mousse

03h00-06h00: YFM Playground

06h00-09h00: Wide Awake with Lusky

09h00 – 12h00: The weekend shake up with Sabby (Saturdays)

12h00-15h00: The MVP Zone – Ayanda MVP

15h00 – 18h00: Going Buck  / Y Urban Top 40- Linda Mbuso (Saturdays and Sundays)

18h00 – 21h00: The Bomb chat / Players Club – Mulo

21h00 – 24h00: The Warehouse - Josi Chave and Just Mo (Fridays) and The Players Club – DJ Ankletap (Saturdays)

21h00-24h00: The weekend wrap up (Sundays with rotational DJs)

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