You never know (1/5)

By Drum Digital
18 May 2015

Phumzile wasn’t sure about her next move.

After her morning at the divorce court, Phumzile finally felt some of the tension leave her body as she sat down and slowly sipped her wine. “To ex-husbands,” her best friend, Doreen, said as she raised her glass. “Amen,” Phumzile said, draining her drink in one go. She then poured herself another glass.

The following morning, her head was still feeling the effects of her late-night divorce celebration. She was grateful when her sales partner, Thomas Lesego, handed her two strong painkillers. He smiled and said, “I take it everything went well, then. You’ve finally severed your ties with Moses. His loss, Phumzile. He never deserved you.” She was flattered by Thomas’ attention, but she reminded herself that it was too soon to get involved with another man.

She and Doreen had decided the previous night that they were going to paint the town red. Doreen, who had never been married, treated all men casually. “Love them and leave them,” was her favourite saying. She had never understood Phumzile’s commitment to Moses, and had often said, “Why can’t you just leave him?” Moses was a rat. Yet, she’d hung in there. It was Moses who walked out on her.

He had simply returned home early one morning, packed a suitcase, and left her for another woman. The affair had lasted exactly a month before he came crawling back – but by then, she had changed the locks and hired a lawyer.

Looking back, she knew she should have done it long ago, and she was well rid of him. But lately, she’d been feeling lonely and unfulfilled. No matter how hard she pretended, she knew she wasn’t cut out for a life like Doreen’s.

To be continued...

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