You never know (3/5)

By Drum Digital
21 May 2015

Phumzile wasn’t sure about her next move.

Thomas would make a wonderful husband – for another woman, just not her. She loved him, but it was more in a brotherly way. A marriage like that would never work. She knew he would eventually end up hating her if she married him.

Phumzile finally snapped one morning when Thomas started asking her about the invitations. She bolted, leaving Thomas, her job and everything she had ever known behind. Eighteen months later, in another town, with another attentive man by her side, she recalled the stricken look on his face when she had left him. She missed him and everything she had run away from. She felt herself go cold all over, and decided it was finally time to go back – to make things right before she could feel at peace, and take the next step forward in her life.

So Phumzile asked for a week’s leave, and it was approved. She tried contacting Doreen, but her answering service informed her that she had moved and left no forwarding address. Thomas was still at his old home. She decided not to phone him beforehand. It would just be like old times. She couldn’t wait to see him. She hoped that he had forgiven her for running away.

The town looked just the same. It looked like nothing had changed in the length of time she had been away. She was just about to ring the doorbell for a second time when suddenly it opened. There stood Thomas looking a bit rumpled, but so achingly familiar.

“Phumzile!” He smiled the same lopsided grin. “Is it really you?” He was looking at her in dismay.

To be continued...

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