You never know (4/5)

By Drum Digital
22 May 2015

Phumzile wasn’t sure about her next move.

“Yes,” she smiled, “It’s me.” And because she didn’t know what else to do, she said, “How about a kiss for an old friend?” He leaned over quickly and pecked her on the cheek.

There was an anxious look on his face, and he looked back inside the doorway. “Is something the matter? Is it a bad time?” she watched him carefully. The penny suddenly dropped, and Phumzile realised he was probably with somebody else now. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up and he wore an old pair of carpet slippers on his feet, but he looked content. He seemed the epitome of the happily married man.

Before he could answer her question, a voice called from the main bedroom. She knew it was his bedroom. After all, she had spent enough time at his house. “Who’s that at the door, honey?” Phumzile recognised the voice straight away and said, “That’s Doreen.” Thomas nodded his head, with a silly grin plastered on his face. He walked down the hallway in the direction of his bedroom.

Mechanically, she followed him. “Phumzile!” Doreen exclaimed from where she was sitting propped up in bed. She was wearing a look that Phumzile had never seen. “I can’t believe it!” Doreen went on as she opened her arms and gave Phumzile a huge hug. “I take it you heard about the baby then?” “Baby!” Phumzile echoed, as she noticed the crib next to the bed, decorated in pink lace.

She burst into tears. “What’s wrong? What is it?” Thomas said anxiously, as he looked from one woman to another. “I’m sorry, Phumzile. I thought you’d heard and that is the reason for your visit. Are you okay?”

To be continued...

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