You want to stop cheating on your boyfriend?

By Drum Digital
29 March 2014

Cheating is a huge problem in many relationships.

It seems as if you don’t take pleasure in cheating on the one you love but do it anyway. Perhaps meaning and purpose in your existence. Your focus should be to make your current man and yourself happybut your history is against you because the destructive cycle has repeated itself so often. You are very fortunate that you haven’t been left with a child or two at the rate you’re going. Don’t you know thatbed-jumping is dangerous, especially these days? Sexually transmitted illnesses including HIV/Aids are an ever present threat with this kind of behaviour and should be reason enough to stop doing it.

It would be wise to phone LoveLife and chat to a counsellor to understand why you are promiscuous.

Their toll-free line is 0800-121-900. Moreover, counselling sessions will help you find meaning in your life and boost your self-esteem.

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