Your man has been faking it

By Drum Digital
14 March 2014

Men do complain about taking too long or never coming at all.

Women have been faking it for years because, more often than not, nature is against the female orgasm.

For men, keeping it up and premature ejaculation rank high on the chart of sexual bellyaches.

Nonetheless, a few men do complain about taking too long or never coming at all.

Like you, men with delayed ejaculation can be so frustrated and embarrassed that they feel they have to resort to faking it before they wear their sex partner down.

Eight per cent of men questioned in a recent survey acknowledged they were unable to reach orgasm during intercourse at least once in the preceding year, with many of those stating that it’s an on-going problem.

An occasional misfire is a blip on the screen of one’s sex-life and no big deal. But when you keep lighting the firecracker and don’t get the pyrotechnics it’s a setback.

No self-respecting man should lie to his lover about failing to come. She’s the one that has all the power to help you achieve your goal, so it’s best she knows so she can help you achieve it.

She may even enjoy having you hammering away for ages so she can perhaps experience a multiple orgasm. Either way she needs to know.

Lying to the person you’re intimate with in this way is likely to result in her having sexual insecurities and will serve only to put up a wall of suspicion between the two of you.

Am I not good enough for him? She may silently ask.

Lying creates mistrust, emotional distance and unnecessary tension, which will sadly reinforce your problem.

Talk about it so she will know where to touch you, how to move her hips, and when to be as motionless as a baobab for your pleasure.

It’s also wise to be tight rather than uptight. I’m referring to your love muscles, of course.

Do Kegel exercises (devised by Dr Arnold Kegel) to keep your member and its supporting muscles in good condition so you can help it harden and fire the cannon at will.

It’s easy to exercise these muscles: all you have to do is squeeze the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine and then relax them again.

Like push-ups for your arms and chest, these discreet exercises will keep your member in tiptop form.

Lastly, try masturbating on your own. Failure to ejaculate means there’s a pretty good chance that the plumbing isn’t working as it should.

You may need to see a urologist.

-Bra Lucas

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