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By Drum Digital
08 December 2014

What your horoscope says today

Monday December 8, 2014

Your day

Today’s Cancer Moon favours catching up with loved ones.

Your Birthday

Happy birthday Sagittarius! Born on the zodiac’s Day of Abandon, personal freedom is very important to you. 2015 is the year to keep on your chosen path with plenty of passion and purpose.


March 21-April 20

Education, study, travel and adventure are all favoured today as you give your mind and body a thorough workout. Strive to be extra compassionate towards a stressed family member.


April 21-May 21

Clear communication is the key to having a creative, positive and productive day. If you have an on-going health issue, maybe it’s time to be extra thorough and get a second opinion?


May 22-June 21

The Moon’s in caring Cancer today, so strive to nurture a very special person – you. Plus give fair-weather friends the flick, as you surround yourself with people who boost your self-esteem.


June 22-July 23

Creativity and compassion are high today, as you dream a big dream or start pursuing an ambitious new goal. Plus spend quality time with a loved one or favourite four-legged friend!


July 24-August 23

Leos love the limelight. You adore being the centre of attention, but is it time to let a loved one have their moment in the sun? Step to the side-lines for a while, and watch them shine.


August 24-Septmeber 23

The buzz word for today is communication. So long conversations are favoured, as you get your Virgo point of view across to others … and receive important information in return.


September 24-October 23

You’re in the spotlight in some way, as you get your message out loud and clear. Study and education are also highlighted, so make sure you exercise your brain cells and learn something new.


October24-November 22

It’s a fabulous day to increase your financial literacy via reading or learning some new skills from an expert. The more disciplined and focused you are, the better your fiscal future will be.


November 23-December 21

The Sun and Mercury hook up in your sign, which increases your curiosity … and your tendency to talk a lot. You’ve got plenty to say, but take the time to listen to others as well.


December 22-January 20

Are you a Capricorn who criticises and tries to control others? Communicating with family, friends and colleagues in a caring and compassionate way brings many rewards today.


January 21-February 19

With the Moon moving through your health and fitness zone, shake out the running shoes and get physical in the gym or outdoors. And modify your diet to include more nourishing meals.


February 20-March 20

The focus is on friendship today Pisces. So your motto for the moment is from birthday great Jim Morrison “A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”

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