Your Stars Today

By Drum Digital
17 November 2014

Your stars today.

Monday November 17, 2014

Your day

Today’s positive stars favour working hard and communicating with others well.

Your Birthday

Happy birthday Scorpio! You love to help others but be careful it doesn’t come across as being controlling. February is a fabulous month for love and romance.


March 21-April 20

Professional projects are favoured – as long as you don’t skip over important details. And make sure you’ve done all your financial homework first, before you make any big money moves.


April 21-May 21

Venus helps you focus on improving communication with your nearest and dearest. Be proactive about travel plans Taurus, and strive to share your aspirations for the future with someone special


May 22-June 21

People are keen to converse with you today. And your communication skills are firing, as you think things through … and then respond with some interesting insights and sparkling repartee.


June 22-July 23

If you are having a tricky time with a child or teenager, accept responsibility for the part you play in the problem. Creativity is high, so tap into the imaginative Cancerian muse within.


July 24-August 23

Lions appreciate life’s little – and large - luxuries. With the Moon moving through your money zone, watch the tendency to indulge in spontaneous spending sprees. Aim to live within your means.


August 24-Septmeber 23

You’re in the mood for serious conversations today, as you discuss professional and personal challenges with someone who is older or wiser than you. A problem shared is a problem halved.


Septmeber 24-October 23

Your ruling planet Venus shifts into Sagittarius today, which increases your energy and enthusiasm plus gives a welcome boost to your social life. For some singles – love is waiting online.


October24-November 22

A lucky opportunity – of a financial or professional nature – may come your way today Scorpio. But you must reach out and grab it, otherwise it will pass you by. Confidence is the key.


November 23-December 21

Do you have a professional problem that’s bugging you? A combination of proactive research and old-fashioned intuition will help you come up with a practical solution that ticks all the boxes.


December 22-January 20

Conscientious Capricorn - a sensible, structured and careful approach is the best way to make the most of today’s positive aspects. But don’t forget to have some fun and games along the way.


January 21-February 19

You’ve got professional, social, domestic and financial commitments today. But make sure you put aside time in your busy schedule for some R & R with a very special person – you.


February 20-March 20

You’re keen to support a loved one through a difficult time. But don’t get carried away, over-commit, and promise more than you can actually deliver. Take things one logical step at a time.

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