Your Stars Today

By Drum Digital
19 November 2014

Yours stars today

Wednesday November 19, 2014

Your day

The day will work best if you aim for compromise over control, and joy over jealousy.

Your Birthday

Happy birthday Scorpio! You have a natural ability to influence those around you and transform situations. But you must learn not to take advantage of your power over others.


March 21-April 20

Joint ventures or relationship issues are on the table today … but don’t spoil a potentially productive partnership by being a bossy and rambunctious Ram! Strive to compromise and share.


April 21-May 21

Stubborn Bulls can get stuck in a relationship time warp. If things aren’t working out in your personal life, perhaps it’s time to try a more cooperative and flexible approach?


May 22-June 21

The Moon’s in fellow air sign Libra so tone down your tendency to be over-talkative, and beef up your romantic side. But steer clear of making decisions about money until a more suitable time.


June 22-July 23

If you are having relationship problems, they won’t be resolved by curling up in your shell and being sulky and defensive. Mars pushes you to be brave and bold – no side-stepping Crabs!


July 24-August 23

Adjust the way you communicate today Cats – one size definitely won’t fit everyone. Some people need to be handled with kid gloves, so avoid controversial topics and obvious no-go zones!


August 24-Septmeber 23

You’re keen to proceed with a challenging project and require the input of others to get it off the ground. But you’ll have to be patient, as many people aren’t feeling motivated … or cooperative!


September 24-October 23

Are loved ones getting sick and tired of your frequent promises and offers of help … accompanied by little or no action? It’s time to step up to the plate and walk your Libran talk!


October24-November 22

Old memories may upset you but don’t suppress your feelings. Use it as an opportunity to release negative old energy. Then you can move forward in a positive and proactive way.


November 23-December 21

A relationship with a child, teenager or friend may be put to the test. So avoid being controversial Sagittarius. If you stay calm – and think before you speak - things will soon settle down.


December 22-January 20

Are you feeling frustrated about the future? Does it seem as if your professional goals and dreams are permanently on hold? Be patient, and trust that things are progressing - slowly but surely.


January 21-February 19

You have fabulous ideas about your career path, but thinking about something isn’t the same as actually doing it. Saturn challenges you to come up with realistic goals and a workable plan.


February 20-March 20

The Moon’s in Libra so your creative juices are flowing, but don’t waste wonderful ideas via Piscean procrastination. When it comes to finances, you may feel pulled in opposing directions.

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