You're on your own, mate: Burglar stuck in chimney for TWO DAYS

By Drum Digital
05 April 2017

Reaction to the drama has been mixed.

A man from Zimbabwe's second city of Bulawayo got stuck in a chimney on Monday night as he and two others went to rob a youth centre, the state-run Chronicle reports.

But when Andrea Zunga's mates realised he was stuck they ran off with the loot, says the paper (they'd come down a separate chimney)

Worse still, they didn't tell a soul. Zunga, 33, was finally rescued on Wednesday when a cleaner heard him calling, said the report.

The fire brigade had to smash the chimney to rescue Zunga from Thabiso Youth Centre in Makokoba township. The report said that he has been arrested and charged with unlawful entry and theft. His accomplices had disappeared with two computers, a laptop and a jacket.

Reaction to the drama has been mixed.

"Good lesson to other would be thieves," one Chronicle reader said. But another said that the courts "should consider that he spent [2] days in hell when passing sentence."

Roof entries appear to be popular with some burglars in and around Bulawayo. In August 2015 the Chronicle reported that police arrested three "filthy rich" burglars who'd amassed houses, cars and buses after breaking in and out of shops and businesses via their roofs.


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