Youth believe ANC can deliver: survey

By Drum Digital
10 June 2013

A survey by Pondering Panda revealed that young South Africans are more likely to believe that the African National Congress will be better at delivering services than the Democratic Alliance, Sapa reported on Monday.

The same young people believe that ANC is a significantly "more corrupt" political party compared to Democratic Alliance

"It's clear that even though the majority of young people feel the ANC is more corrupt than the DA, they do not see political corruption as a barrier to service delivery..." said Pondering Panda spokeswoman Shirley Wakefield to Sapa

For the survey, responses were weighted to be nationally representative in terms of age, gender, and race.

60 percent of respondents felt the ANC was more corrupt than the DA.

In contrast, 15 percent of the respondents said the DA was more corrupt, and 16 percent felt both parties were equally corrupt.

On the question of who would be better at maintaining roads, building hospitals, and taking care of the electricity and water supply, 35 percent said the ANC would be better, compared to 25 percent who favoured the DA.

About 27 percent believed all political parties were the same in this regard.

"In the case of the DA, it also shows that simply being seen as less corrupt does not necessarily win the trust of young voters," she said.

Pondering Panda is a consumer insights company that uses mobile and digital technology to gauge people's opinion and perception.

Source: Sapa

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