Youth look to self-employment to combat joblessness

By Drum Digital
20 June 2016

The youth are holding on to a positive attitude toward self-employment and are willing to make it work for themselves despite the many challenges they face.

A 2015 to 2016 report conducted by research initiative Youth Think tank showed that youth in East Africa are turning to self-employment, as they face a lack of education, proper working skills and social exclusion. "The youth are committed to developing their skills, and have a positive perception of self-employment," the report said. The study which included over 400 youth across Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya showed that young people are eager to participate in policy decisions in government employment programmes that will impact their lives.

The report also showed that the youth recognise the skills gap between education and employment but are taking the necessary steps to develop employment.

The most common concern the participants in the interviews expressed was the complexity of education with the youth highlighting a disconnect between formal education skills and employment opportunities.

"The education system is not practical and does not prepare them for jobs," according to the report."Training in vocational entrepreneurial skills is widely recommended," it added.

Often disadvantaged because of their location, youth lack access to vital information, electricity as well as markets for business and investment, which are essential in the world of business.

The research further found that those who lived in rural areas are most likely interested in agricultural ventures, such as growing crops, poultry and cattle rearing.Source: Fin24 

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