Zahara goes double platinum in 3 days

By Drum Digital
13 September 2012

There is no stopping the tour de force that is Zahara!

The Loliwe star has just welcomed news that her latest DVD release has hit the 40 000 mark in just three days.

The live recording titled The Beginning was released on 3 September 2012 and by Wednesday 5 September 2012 it was certified a double platinum seller, making it one of the fastest selling DVDs ever in the country.

“Excited doesn’t even describe how I feel,” enthused Zahara. “I feel that God has favoured me, this is just a blessing. It shows that if you remain true to who you are people will support you and remain faithful to you.”

“Come to think of it, my DVD recording shows were sold out for both nights and it shows that after everyone had heard my music on the CD, they needed to see me live on stage. It is important for your audience to see how an artist interprets music and how they connect with their fans,” she says.

Zahara thanks God first and foremost. “…And I also want to thank my family for their prayers and TS Records, CCP/EMI Music, TK, Robbie, Mjakes and Tony and the sponsors who all put their faith in me that I will pull it off.

I watched the DVD again and I am amazed that it is really me up on stage performing, I worked with an amazing crew indeed.”

Tony Da Silva, C.O.O. of EMI Music South Africa, who market and distribute the DVD, said they were excited by the result. “On the back of the success of Zahara’s debut album we expected to do well with the DVD and are grateful that Zahara’s fans continue to support her in this way.

Zahara’s fans have been eagerly awaiting the Live DVD and I have no doubt that they will enjoy every minute of it. ”

Da Silva said music lovers associated with Zahara as a person and that has earned her the success and legions of fans. “When she performs people feel her emotion and connect with her. We also believe that the quality of the production and entertainment value that the DVD offers will continue to drive its succes

The 1hour 50min long DVD was recorded in front of a capacity crowd on the nights of 8 and 9 June 2012 at Carnival City and is a hit parade of Zahara’s famous songs. It features guest appearances by US X-Factor finalist LeRoy Bell, the Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir, award-winning DJ Sbu and Riot, her latest collaborator. She is backed by an eight piece band that includes percussionist Tlale Makhene.

A delighted TK Nciza of TS Records who discovered Zahara in East London in 2010 and has produced the DVD toasted the news. “It’s exciting times for us. It just goes to show that when you work hard you get proper results. The team that worked on this DVD was one of the biggest and the hours they put in are the results of this spectacular DVD. It’s encouraging that in just three days it is a multiple platinum seller.”

Paying tribute to Zahara, Nciza said he was proud.

“Zahara is a special kid, an artist of our people and a national treasure. Her success is good for the music industry.”

Nciza attributes the success of the DVD not only to the craftsmanship and musicianship on display. He also points out that at less than R100 it is affordable to an average fan. “It’s not only one of the best DVDs out there, but also very affordable. There is no excuse why people can’t own it. We believe that our people should afford these things so that they will not even think of piracy.”

Nciza’s company celebrates a decade in business this year and what better way to celebrate with this tremendous achievement? “We’re celebrating our 10th year in style and we’re blessed,” he remarked.

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