Zahara: "I want to be remembered as someone who changed lives"

By Drum Digital
05 October 2016

"To me a guitar is a symbol of hope. No matter what is going on in my life, I pick up a guitar and I see a new thing that's going to happen," Zahara said

In a recent interview, the Loliwe star poured out her heart concerning her legacy.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Zahara spoke about what she wanted to be remembered for, even if the only one remembering her is the girl next door.

"Five years from now, even if I leave the earth, if I'm remembered by the girl next door, I want to be remembered as someone who changed live," she said.

Zahara recalled the hard times she went through, even leading up to the writing of the song titled My Guitar on her debut album, Loliwe. "I remember when I wrote the song My Guitar on my first album Loliwe. I felt like 'all my friends are in tertiary, they are good and I'm the only one who is poor, who doesn't even have shoes.'"

It was when she played her guitar that she was encourage that her time would also come.

"But then when I picked up my guitar and played, I felt like 'you know what, it doesn't matter, the timing of God is going to come'," she added.

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