Zahara to perform at AZGO Festival in Maputo

By Qhama Dayile
29 April 2016

Azgo festival is one of the biggest international arts festivals happening on the 20th and 21st of May 2016 in Maputo, Mozambique.

The word Azgo is an old slang word from Maputo meaning, “Lets go.”

The festival is aimed at celebrating cultural diversity and to honour musicians from Mozambique and the world at large.

Together with Mozambique’s finest, this year will see the likes of Swaziland singer Bholoja, Angolan singer Paulo Flores, and Mzansi’s very own Dj Kenzhero and country girl singer Zahara Mkutukana.

Zahara’s latest and 2nd album Country girl went gold in the first week of its release in 2015.

This hitmaker is currently touring Switzerland sharing her music and has been nominated forBest R&B/Soul/Reggae Album and Best Produced Album of the Year at the South African Musc Awards.

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