Zahara to share stage with X Factors LeRoy Bell

By Drum Digital
06 June 2012

Not only will Zahara share a stage with X Factor USA finalist LeRoy Bell during the live recording of her first DVD at Carnival City this week. The two vocalists will also collaborate on two songs which they will exclusively perform at the two-day event.

LeRoy, who has co-written songs for Teddy Pendergrass and Jennifer Lopez among others, is widely recognised for his show of vocal prowess during the American talent search reality show.

Having followed LeRoy’s bid to become America’s next top singer, Zahara knew from then that she just had to work with him.

“When I first heard him on the X Factor I was like ‘wow’! I even thought he was going to win the contest. He sounded like Michael Bolton, Lionel Richie and I kind of connected with his voice and background,” an ecstatic Zahara told DRUM during a break from her recording session at The Pyramid studios in Johannesburg.

She will collaborate with him on a two songs titled Hold On and Brand New Day.

Coincidentally, both of them already have a song titled Brand New Day and will fuse the two when they hit the studio.

LeRoy, who looks unbelievably young for a 60 year old, said that a call from Zahara came to him unexpectedly and he didn’t know how to react to the proposal. But after a google search and going through a couple of her songs, he was blown away and couldn’t turn down the chance to work with the multi award-winning songbird.

“I knew that name [Zahara], I think it’s kind of a popular name in general. In fact when somebody told me about it I googled it, her picture came out and then Angelina Jollie’s picture came up too and I thought, ‘what’s she got to do with Zahara?’ And I realised that one of her kids is named Zahara and I was like ‘Ok, maybe that’s why I’d heard the name before,” LeRoy said.

“I listened to her and I was very blown away, I was amazed by her voice. It’s such a natural, beautiful, pure talent and from just the way she sang from the heart I was like ‘this girl is amazing’.

“I didn’t know what she was saying from the stuff that I heard but it sounded so beautiful, it was so great.

“I was very very excited when they wanted me to come up to work with her.”

Zahara, a national sensation, said joining forces with LeRoy could be her gateway into courting international market.

“We have always planned to cross over, so I think this opportunity is where I could break overseas. Besides that, to have him in my DVD is a blessing, I’m just so excited,” she said.

Zahara’s debut DVD will be recorded live at Carnival City from 8 to 9 June. Tickets are on sale at Computicket for R180 and R250.

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