Zahara turns her pain to passion

By Qhama Dayile
04 October 2016

Zahara Mkutukana is not just a singer, she also has a passion for community work.

After her brother was stabbed to death in 2015, Zahara continued the community work that both her and her brother had been involved in. "My brother was very involved in community work and the work that I do is to pay tribute to him and to fulfill my purpose," she said.

For years, Zahara had been teaching music to the children of Phumlani village in the Eastern Cape where she hails from.

She then became involved in the 'Blooming Flower Project' targeted at teaching young girls life orientation skills and The Mandela Children's Hospital project where she visits children in hospitals with the wish of having her sing to them.

"My brother's death really affected my family and music helped me to heal," said Zahara.

Zahara has been touring Africa and donating guitars to disadvantaged children all across the continent.

"Whether I am happy or sad, I use my guitar to express myself. When things were bad for me I knew music would give me hope and that is what I want to do for these kids, give them hope," said Zahara.

From October Zahara will start her music lessons as well as donating guitars at Phumlani village and will then take the project nationally. "October was my brothers birthday and that is why I will be starting at my village and funding the first project from my own pockets," she said.

The Loliwe singer is looking to collaborate with various institutions to assist in taking the project nationally.

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