Zim freedom fighters 'humiliate' Mugabe at 'crunch indaba'

By Drum Digital
08 April 2016

Harare - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was reportedly humiliated by his country's former freedom fighters when he met them at a "crunch indaba" on Thursday.

According to NewsDay, Mugabe, 92, received a hostile welcome from the former liberation fighters, who told him they were not a mere associate, but "the foundation upon which Zanu-PF was built 53 years ago".

Mugabe met with at least 10 000 war veterans at the Harare Sport Centre to discuss issues affecting the former freedom fighters.

Mugabe had, before the meeting, told the former freedom fighters to stop dictating to him on how he should run the ruling party.

The nonagenarian claimed that the war veterans were merely an association of Zanu-PF, adding that associations to the party could not dictate how he ran the party.

According to reports, Mugabe was under fire from the war veterans, who were demanding that he took action against a seemingly "rogue faction" of the ruling party, known as Generation 40 (G40).

The G40 was reportedly bent on blocking Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa from taking over from Mugabe when he finally left office.

The group was believed to be aligned to First Lady Grace Mugabe, while the war veterans were believed to be aligned to Mnangagwa.

The angry war veterans claimed that the upcoming crop of leaders within the ruling party were divisive as they had deviated from the party’s ideology.

Source: News 24

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