Zim hunter killed by elephant

By Drum Digital
28 April 2015

Ian Gibson was tracking a bull elephant with a client when it charged him from a distance of less than 100m

A professional Zimbabwean hunter was killed by an elephant he was tracking in Chifuti Safaris, a hunting game lodge located in the north of the country.

News24 reports that .

A statement released by africahunting.com reveals that Gibson tried to stop the charge once they located the bull but he was unable to prevent the fatal charge.

"Feeling he was quite close to the elephant, Ian and his tracker Robert continued to follow the tracks in the hopes of getting a look at the ivory," Chifuti Safaris said.

"They eventually caught up to the bull, spotting him at about 50m-100m. The bull instantly turned and began a full charge," the reserve revealed.

"Ian and Robert began shouting in order to stop the charge. At very close range, Ian was able to get off one shot before the bull killed him," the statement said.

The elephant was understood to be in musth, which means the bull had a surge of testerone and would have been particularly dangerous.

Condolences from hunting professionals have poured in for Gibson.

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