Zimbabwean woman cut "into six pieces"

By Drum Digital
26 April 2015

A Zimbabwean woman was found beheaded and cut into “six pieces” in Johannesburg

according to a relative who told a newspaper in Zimbabwe.

Police in Gauteng do not believe that the victim, 42-year-old Naume Garusa, was murdered as part of a xenophobic attack.

Garusa’s body was found in Killarney on April 14 but was only buried this week in her home in southern Zimbabwe.

“I am still shocked. I was the first to see my sister’s remains at the mortuary. Her body was cut into six pieces. I think the assailants used a machete to cut off her head, both arms and limbs,” Garusa’s sister Nyembezi told the Herald.

Garusa’s brother, Richard believes that his sister’s murder was premeditated.

The victim disappeared after she was summoned by an unidentified caller outside the house she worked in at Houghton.

Garusa’s reported death is another claim that conflicts with the official number of only one Zimbabwean having been killed in the recent surge of xenophobic attacks.

Source: News24wire

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