Zizi was clean!

By Drum Digital
21 December 2011

The highly anticipated blood sample results of presidential communications advisor Zizi Kodwa came back negative today.

About a month ago Zizi says was driving three friends home from a private party in Rosebank at about 2am when two police constables pulled him over at a stop street.

Although Zizi told the constables that he was as sober as could be, the duo ordered him to follow them in his own car to a police station for a blood test.

They suspected the ANC big wig had been driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to this newlywed who married his fiancée Zama Ngubane in Durban over the weekend,there was no equipment at the police station and the police officers continued searching for a location where his blood could be drawn.

He says he eventually did the test at the Hillbrow Community Health clinic at about 4.30am.

"I told them from the beginning that they were wasting their time because I was not drinking that night," an angry Zizi tells Drum a few hours after receiving his results and adds that he is not relieved but upset.

"No person deserves to be ill-treated like that especially when you are not a criminal," he said adding that he is still taking action against the two police officers.

He is confident that his R5 million lawsuit will go according to plan.

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