Zizo Beda troubled by an imposter on Facebook

By Drum Digital
14 August 2014

Television presenter and former model Zizo Beda has joined a long list of South Africans who are the victims of identity theft. The 25-year-old Selimathunzi co-presenter tells DRUM of her trauma after discovering that “an imposter” has opened a fake Facebook account in her name.

When did you find out that someone has opened a fake out in your name?

It was about seven days ago.

What was your first reaction?

I didn't know how serious it was at first, because I hadn’t seen the fake account.

You discovered naked pictures and unpleasant messages on your fake account. The identity thieves also tried to start a rumour that Ebola had broken out at Baragwanath hospital using “your” twitter feed.  This must have been very traumatic.

I’m lost for words, you know. It’s revolting! It makes absolutely no sense to me how somebody can be so insensitive to the suffering of others who actually have such illnesses. And then to continue to harm others using my name is despicable.

What steps have you taken so far? Did you notify Facebook or reported the matter to the police?

Yes, I have reported the culprit to Facebook, now the next step will probably be to notify the police. I’ve also asked some friends and colleagues to post on their Twitter and Facebook pages messages about this fake account. My management has also issued a press release to alert the media.

What advice would you give to others in a similar situation?

The first thing to do is to make people aware of what the truth is and always fight to protect your name.

By Ntombizodwa Makhoba

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