Zoe Mthiyane opens up about Robert Marawa and Lebo M

By Drum Digital
25 July 2016

The downside to a public life it that your happy and bad days will be played out in the media.

Zoe Mthiyane has come to experience this with both of her past lovers. Apart from a very publisized court battle with her 'baby daddy', Robert Marawa, Zoe recently had a nasty breakup with Lebo M after being engaged for almost a year. They have a child together.

In the July issue of True Love magazine, Mthiyane opened up about both former lovers.

Although Zoe and Marawa's papgeld court drama seemed to have driven the former lovers further apart, Zoe recently shared a picture of them at their son's 5th birthday.

My boy turns five tomorrow ????? #Love #Growth #Happiness

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She told True Love that they'd been friends for over seven years prior to their relationship and that Robert does pay monthly maintanance. 'Robert pays a monthly maintenance for our son,' she said.

On the father of her daughter Lebo M, Zoe says a part of her soul 'died' in their relationship. 'I haven’t got to the stage of the break-up where I miss Lebo just yet, as I’m still hurting. If he asks for us to get back together again, he’ll have to put in the work to prove himself to me again,' Mthiyane said. 

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Zoe is on the mending path. She muses that although a breakup is painful, she's enjoying being herself again.

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