Zonke's full circle moment

By Drum Digital
09 June 2017

Zonke says she owes it all to her father

Award winning songwriter and singer Zonke Dikana recently opened up about one of her life's most powerful full circle moment; when she toured with US mega star Lionel Ritchie.

Zonke opened up about how she really loved Lionel to the point of obsession and this was because her late father, who was also a musician adored Lionel.

"My dad was a fan (of Lionel) and when I used to perform with my father in his band he used to perform Lionel's songs a lot. Hello was the song for my father. I wish my dad was here when I toured with Lionel, to show my father what he has done for me," Zonke told Real talk with Anele host Anele Mdoda.

Zonke says she feels she owes that love of Lionel Ritchie and her getting into music to her father.

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