Zuma: ANC is like an elephant

By Drum Digital
22 July 2016

The ANC is as big as an elephant of which when you fight against, you will not even know where to begin, according to party President Jacob Zuma.

By Siyabonga Ngcangisa, Associate Editor

Zuma was speaking during an exclusive special broadcast with SABC radio on Thursday evening, where he was expressing, among others, his confidence of the party’s performance in the August 3-bound Local Government Elections.

“All these other political parties that are campaigning know very well that they will not win the elections. They are not campaigning because there are prospects of victory for them, but they just want to increase their votes and test their relevance,” Zuma said.

He also took a jab at former party members who left the movement and opted to stand as independent candidates in the forthcoming elections, and accused them “opportunism”.

“They were not ANC members at heart. If you leave a party just because your name was not included in the candidate’s list, then you are not worthy of being respected as a leader. In fact, your protection will now be limited because in the ANC we have policies and a constitution in place, where we take care of our leaders. But if you are all alone, who’s going to look out for you? “

He warned those planning to follow suit that fighting against the ANC would be “like fighting against an elephant.”

“You won’t even know where to begin (to strike). The moment you stand in front (of the elephant), it will hit you with its trunk before you even start to make your move. That’s the ANC for you – it’s like an elephant,” Zuma said.

Asked why the party was only visible in poverty-stricken areas during election campaigns, Zuma said electioneering was a continuation of their ongoing imbizos.

“We have imbizos (gatherings) very often with our people. We are always visible and available to address them. The only people you should ask those questions are the opposition parties, because they are the ones always visible only during election campaigns,” he said.

Meanwhile the party has refuted claims that suspended Western Cape leader Marius Fransman was back on the job. Fransman was suspended by the party early this year after a junior female staffer laid claims of sexual harassment against him.

Speculation about his return to office mounted after he was seen alongside Zuma in a door-to-door campaign in the township of Philippi Cape Town this week.

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