Zuma calls for African progress

By Drum Digital
25 May 2012

President Jacob Zuma on Friday called on African leaders to accelerate progress towards the United Nations' millennium development goals.

"It must be a story that says Africa, working with its diaspora, will move faster to meet the millennium development goals," he said at the opening session of the Global African Diaspora Summit.

"The new story must say the rising new Africa will lead to the eradication of Afro-pessimism and prejudice."

At the same time, it should celebrate African achievements. Zuma said leaders should consider implementing a skills database, a remittances programme, and an African diaspora investment fund.

African countries should exchange ideas on youth development and mentorship.

Women should be at the centre of change, he said.

"We need to excel in science and technology and innovation... in infrastructure development, and generally in activities that will promote growth and development."

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