Zuma learns a lesson in Geography

By Drum Digital
18 January 2016

President Jacob Zuma’s office has sent out a press release, correcting a mistake that Zuma made while delivering his address at a business gala dinner in Sandton, north of Johannesburg, in December.

By Nomzamo Ngcobo

During his address on 9 December last year, Zuma said Africa was the biggest continent on Earth. He said, “This continent is the biggest continent in the world, not separated even by a river. Rivers that are there flow with the continent, they don’t cut it into half or quarter. All continents put together will fit in into Africa.” See the video here.

The Presidency says Africa is in fact the second biggest continent in terms of population size and the biggest continent is Asia.

“According to the United Nations World Population Prospects 2015, 60 % of the world population lives in Asia (4,4 billion), 16 % in Africa (1,2 billion), 10 % in Europe (737 million), 9 % in Latin America and the Caribbean (634 million), and the remaining 5 % in North America (358 million) and Oceania (39 million),” the Presidency says in a statement.

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