Zuma to marry again?

By Drum Digital
24 December 2014

President Jacob Zuma has hinted that he may be ready to take on wife number five.

President Jacob Zuma has hinted that he  may be ready to take on wife number five, reports The Mercury newspaper.

While at an event in Durban, where he was addressing a crowd during the annual presidential consultative session organised by the NGO Masiqhakaze (Let us shine) Women’s Organisation, the president remarked that he has yet to marry the woman he will grow old with.

In a report by the newspaper the president reportedly said: “Angakayakhi indlu yokugugela… laba ngisabathathile nje,” he said which translates as: “I do have wives but I’m yet to marry my last one.”

According to the newspaper Zuma was  jovial when he made the comment which was greeted with applause, laughter and ululations by mostly senior citizens.

Speaking to the newspaper Professor Sihawu Ngubane from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, said when a man said he had not found indlu yokugugela, he meant he was going to marry another wife with whom he would grow old.

It was common among polygamist men to marry their last wife in their senior years and, in some instances, they chose to marry a sibling of an existing wife.

The nation will have to wait and see if there are indeed any upcoming nuptials.

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