10 tips to boost confidence before a job interview

By Digital Team
22 May 2019


Planning for an important interview? Clorets has you covered with handy tips to help you “Breathe Out Proudly”

Confidence is key when it comes to job interviews. The whole job-search process can be quite stressful (to say the least), but once you’ve made it to the interview stage it’s time to own your awesomeness and present yourself in the best way possible. You’ve got the skills and the drive – now win them over with these tips!

Research the industry and company you are interviewing at

An interviewer may ask you questions based on the business or company. Find out who their competitors are and what their advantages are in comparison to the company. Ensure you have some background information on the company, so you are confident in asking and answering questions. Show you took initiative.

Arrive 15 minutes early

Make sure you know where you are going and arrive early to ensure you can relax a little and feel more comfortable within the business’ environment. You don’t have to contact anyone right away, but having some time to compose yourself goes a long way. It’s normal to be nervous but arriving sweating and acting like a ball of nerves won’t make a great first impression. 

Choose Clorets  

Chewing gum during the interview is a big no-no, BUT chewing Clorets on the way and beforehand will give you confidence in your fresh breath and let you Breathe Out Proudly when speaking in your interview. Clorets, with active ingredients actizol and chlorophyll, eliminates bad breath – giving you piece of mind in a face-to-face interview.  

DO NOT sit on your phone while you wait

Being on your phone may distract you or make you feel more nervous depending on the content you are looking at – you might also miss when they call your name! Employees want someone focused and attentive. 

Make eye contact

Keep good eye contact while being interviewed and while listening, as well as while speaking. Eye contact shows confidence. You want to engage with your interviewee. 

Speak slowly and clearly

You want to ensure that your interviewee hears everything you have to say and doesn’t feel like you are flustered. Practise speaking slowly beforehand – do a mock interview with a friend and let them tell you how your pace is. The last thing you want is to have to keep repeating yourself, or to get flustered by rushing your words. 

Know what you want in a job

Express clearly what you want out of the job you are interviewing for. People do not want to hire someone just looking for a way to make money, but someone who also values the business, their culture and lives up to expectations. 

Be proud of yourself

It’s not always easy to go into a job interview, so be proud of yourself for being there and getting to this point. You’re creating opportunity for yourself, whether you get the job or not! Confidence in yourself is key. 

Thank the interviewee for their time

Shake hands, make eye contact, smile and say thank you for taking the time to interview you. The person may not have much time in their day, but needed to fit you in. This will leave a positive impression and shows the confidence you have in yourself – remember, this could be your next job! 

Don’t make the interviewee feel pressured to tell you when you will get an answer

Let them know that you “look forward” to hearing back from them, but don’t ask them about a time frame – leave it to them. Show them you have confidence in the fact you’ll hear from them – even if you don’t!

Clorets, the gum that gives you the confidence to Breathe Out Proudly, hopes that these tips give you the confidence boost you need to excel in your next job interview. 


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