Books to pack for little ones and a few for teens

By Drum Digital
19 March 2018

It’s a couple of hours into a six hour road trip and the little ones keep asking “are we there yet?” . There’ve just about finished all their snacks, have done four versions of ‘the wheels on a bus go round and round’, and they are getting antsy.

This is why it might be a good idea to pack a few books for when little ones start losing interest in the scenery and the music.

DRUM has put together a list of books that go great with roadtrips that are easy to read, educational and fun.

I See an Elephant   By Elaine Macdonald

The book tells the story of a gentle elephant who wishes he was a bird. He starts to build a nest, but when the birds laugh at his attempts and try to chase him away, Elephant takes a stand, declaring that he should be able to live as he chooses. Realising that he is right, the birds accept him as one of them, and help him transform into an ‘ele-bird’. Great for children between 3 – 6 years old.

The Girl Who Saw Lions  by Berlie Doherty

A great story of friendship and sisterhood where two girls are brought together by courage, loss and family. One girl has lost everything and is forced to pack up and leave her home in Tanzania and head to Britain. While Rosa is struggling to accept her mum’s wish to adopt a child. Great for 12 – 16 year olds.

Goodbye Baby Moon by James Mitchem

A cute introduction to the moon that follows a follows a family of curious rabbits on their nighttime walks to explain the phases of the moon, with a charming design that includes a light-up LED moon.

My Big Book of South African Animals by Priddy Books

The book entertains and educates children about the different animals that can be found in the country.

The big, sturdy board pages are filled with bright photographs of a wide variety of animals. Clear labels underneath each photograph will help to build vocabulary and will allow children to develop their word and picture association skills.

Mamello by Lebohang Jeanat Pheko

In this Sesotho book, Mamello and her parents paint a pretty picture of bliss and happiness, but all is not perfect in this household. The young Mamello’s parents mistreat her and don’t allow her to go to school, instead keeping her at home as they believed there should always be someone in the house. Mamello becomes even more of a loner when her rich cousin moves in and becomes a favourite with Mamello’s parents. And all Mamello wants is a chance to study and fulfil her dream of becoming a human rights lawyer.

Imibala Yothando By Dumisani Hlatswayo

For readers from 14 years and older, this Zulu book explores young love in all its shades. Love, betrayal, jealousy are all in Imibala Yothando (The Colours of Love), where Sinenhlanhla navigates through the emotions of being the new girl in school.

The Girl of Glass by Holly Webb

An enchanting tale of magic, friendship and adventure for readers aged 9 and up about Mariana who lives with her family on the Venetian island of Murano – famed for its artists who create masterpieces from glass. When her sister dies their father decides to use his glassmaking skill – and a dash of magic – to create a girl of glass in Eliza’s image.

What the Ladybird heard on Holiday by Julia Donaldson

For young readers, the book follows two bad men, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh! They’re planning to steal a monkey from the zoo and use it to pinch the Queen’s crown. It’s a pity for them that a certain crime-busting ladybird is holidaying in the very same city…and she’s got a good idea that will ensure the dastardly pair won’t get away with it.

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