How to deal with a dysfunctional family during the holidays

By Drum Digital
19 March 2018

Right now, many are counting down to their trips home for the Easter holidays.

It’s the time where we all get to see our families. But as much as this time of the year could be special, it’s also the time where we have to deal with that one individual in the family who is irritating, inconvenient, doesn’t want to contribute towards anything and wants to be the centre of attention. If this sounds familiar, we’ve compiled a few survival tips to get you through the holidays. 

1. Accept that it may suck, and focus on just getting through it

Some would get hopeful about their family’s behaviour when they plan their trip home. But lowering your expectations can help you deal with the heartbreak that comes with being in the company of your toxic family. This will help you to not feel let down when you get home and realise nothing has changed, writes author Martha Beck in O Magazine. 

2. Form an alliance with those you like

4. Set time limits

5. Avoid behaviours that are dangerous 

6. Have an exit strategy

Sources: Psychology Today, Bustle, Relevant Magazine, Self-growth 

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