Empowered women are taking charge

By Drum Digital
13 August 2018

Thinking about owning your own business? Cash Crusaders provides you with a business model and the support you need!

In memory of the historic march on 9 August 1956 – marked as Women’s Day today – Cash Crusaders celebrates women owners in their franchise. Women are moving ahead with Cash Crusaders, and today own more than 33 of the 220 franchise Cash Crusaders stores.

All are in charge of their own businesses at Cash Crusaders. Whether they’ve just started their journey, like owner Maki Mlangeni at Cash Crusaders Lambton Court in Germiston, or they’ve grown and now own many stores, like Tilla Klopper at Cash Crusaders Roodepoort in Gauteng, they’re proudly backed by Cash Crusaders’ expert support system.

Cash Crusaders makes owning your own business easy

With a proven franchising model that allows anyone to start their own Cash Crusaders store, you can be confident that the franchise is intimately involved in every aspect of the business model but they’ve also left enough room for franchisees to run their own businesses. The Cash Crusaders group makes it affordable to own a franchise by not only having the lowest upfront capital needed in the second-hand retail market and start-up assistance, but it also gives new stores 10 months during which they don’t pay royalty or marketing fees.

“The Cash Crusaders brand brings with it proven brand awareness, strong operational support and a solid financial position for years to come. You can make it as long as you’re involved with your store,” says owner Susan Marx of Cash Crusaders Value Mart in the Western Cape. “Whatever happens, you have to know what’s happening in your store and with your staff. Without them you are nothing. All three aspects of the store – new goods, second-hand goods and the secured loans – are just as important as the other.” 

Another way in which Cash Crusaders empowers women is with a new concept called joint venture stores. These stores provide an opportunity for female entrepreneurs to own and run a Cash Crusaders franchise store if they have the experience yet lack the upfront capital. This entails the store operator holding a 39 percent share of the store, while Cash Crusaders holds the remainder. Cash Crusaders is always on the lookout for retail managers that want their own store. 

“For me this was a chance to take the opportunity to run my own business and treat it as my own. I could start right now rather than spend years building up the capital before moving onto the next stage in my life’s plan,” explains joint venture partner Ceagan Hendricks of Cash Crusaders Watergate in the Western Cape. “In a Cash Crusaders store, I can create and enforce a unique culture and shopping experience for customers.” 

To find out more about franchising opportunities with Cash Crusaders, whether joint venture or not, visit Cash Crusaders today.

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