Five steps to make homework easier

By Drum Digital
28 November 2018


We all know homework is never fun – try these tips to help your child get more done faster

Tired of struggling with your child during homework time? Here’s to being more productive and helping your little ones have more time to enjoy life.

Step 1 Create a homework station

Find a spot in the house with great lighting and minimal distractions. Setting up a fun, creative space packed with all the stationery and essentials needed could make it more pleasing and mentally less of a chore to sit down and get to work.

Alternatively, find a comfortable, quiet area where they can focus and you can assist nearby – whether it’s a desk in their room or at the dining-room table. Sitting on a bed might make them think of napping and having a TV on allows for too much distractions.

Step 2 Set a time

Getting into a routine will help – choose a set time when homework will be done. It’s also beneficial to complete homework as soon as your child gets home. This ensures they’re still in the groove of doing schoolwork. Once done, the rest of the evening can be spent doing things they enjoy.

Step 3 Get organised!

Read through all the tasks and start with the shorter, easier activities. This will ensure they get a better understanding of what needs to be done and a proper work order can be followed. They also won’t waste time while being stuck or unsure about harder tasks – this will give you time to google or assist while they complete the easier work.

Step 4 Take breaks

Give your child light, healthy snacks and short 5- to 10-minute “breather” breaks every 40 minutes to help keep them focused and avoid getting “bored” or mentally tired. Being stuck at the desk could make them decide to rush and just do anything for the sake of getting done. A good pace will make your child feel at ease and tackle the homework with the same voema upon return.

Step 5 Rewards!

Focusing on positivity goes a long way when it comes to homework. Give your child something to look forward to like TV time, playing a game or getting an ice cream. Positive reinforcement will help diminish some of the negative feelings towards homework. It’s all about creating a good environment and showing them how great it feels to finish all the work and have a stress-free night ahead.

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