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05 April 2018

Reduce the risk of osteoporosis with MenaCal.7™ to support the development of healthy bones during each stage of life

Our bones provide a major bodily function and often don’t receive the support and care they deserve. They form an important component of the skeletal system and protect our organs – while quite literally supporting our bodies.

Bone loss occurs naturally as we age, and they gradually become weaker. It’s therefore important to keep your bones healthy, and the sooner you start the better!

Because our diets often don’t supply our bodies with the necessary nutrients, we could become susceptible to osteoporosis, leaving us vulnerable to spine, hip and wrist fractures. Are you at risk? 

One in three women over the age of 50, and one in five men over the age of 50 have osteoporosis.

Damage control

The ideal way to kickstart your bone health is to follow a balanced diet, coupled with regular weight-bearing exercises (such as weight training, walking, hiking, climbing stairs or dancing) and a calcium supplement.

MenaCal.7™ is a supplement that contains a unique combination of the three essential ingredients for healthy bones: calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 as K2VITAL®. Available for adults and children, simply take one a day.

More about MenaCal

MenaCal.7™ is South Africa’s number one scripted calcium supplement. It contains the key ingredient, vitamin K2, which keeps the calcium in your bones where it belongs, and out of your arteries.

It’s all very “sciency”, but your body needs vitamin K2 for optimal bone strength during each stage of your life. Children need it so that healthy bones are formed before the natural decline of bone mass begins, while adults need to preserve bone mass and prevent further bone loss and fractures.

Are you getting enough Vitamin K2?

It turns out the majority of healthy people are actually Vitamin K2 deficient.

While you can get your dose of vitamin K2 in meat, eggs and cheese, you’d have to consume either five litres of milk, five litres of full-fat yoghurt, 4kg of meat, 80g of soft cheese, 59g of hard cheese or 8 egg yolks to meet your daily recommended dose.

Opt for the simpler solution and add MenaCal.7™ to your family’s daily routine.

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