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By Digital Team
06 November 2018


Now everyone in South Africa has an opportunity to join Vitality Open and win mega prizes

South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world, with almost 90% of accidents caused by bad driving. Cue Discovery Insure’s unique driver behaviour programme, Vitality Drive.

The company offers rewards to clients for driving well, and this is proving to not only save clients’ money, but it’s also having an impact on South African society and road safety. 

Anton Ossip, Discovery Insure’s CEO, believes offering incentives for good driving is a major motivator – and a great way to create a nation of great drivers and safer roads.

“Our data shows that since its launch there’s been a 41% reduction in the number of harsh driving events for drivers who earn Vitality Active Rewards for driving well each week, with our best drivers having 63% less accidents – and 77% less severe accidents – than our worst drivers.”

On the road to rewards

Now with Vitality Open being available to non-Vitality members everyone has a chance to get involved to earn rewards for driving better. For a limited time, anyone over 18 years can download the latest version of the Discovery app and the Discovery Insure driving app and achieve a weekly drive goal to earn exciting rewards – for free!

When you achieve a goal, you get a play on the Vitality Open game board. This can earn you beverages, meals and online shopping rewards at a range of reward partners. You can also use plays to gain a chance at winning prizes – such as running shoes, flights and the latest iPhone – for life.

How it works

Simply download the Discovery App, get active, drive well and earn a play to win awesome prizes!

Follow this link to help you get signed up! 

Here's more about the rewards system and how you can spend your points. 

Try these tips to help improve your driving

Be sure to make the most of your guaranteed rewards and share the love with your family and friends.

Challenge them to join Vitality Open to get active and drive well – the better you drive, the greater your rewards are!

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