Learn how to save money and live smart

By Drum Digital
20 May 2019


We’ve got you covered with money saving tips – if you need more help catch our expert from Capitec Bank at DRUM Live

Feeling like there’s too much month left at the end of your money? Try these top tips to help you save.

Plan ahead

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference a budget makes. Your budget will act as a spending plan to help you effectively set aside money for bill payments, food, etc. and shows you how much you have left to “play around” with – though saving is no child’s play. Capitec has a handy guide to help you create a budget on their app.

Bank smart

It’s all about making the most of your money – and where you bank plays a big role. Do your research and search for one with the most perks. Carrying cash often leads to overspending, so find a bank with cheaper electronic options. The Capitec Global One card allows you to pay your accounts, buy groceries and make other purchases for free. Debit orders also cost less than withdrawing cash at an ATM. If you need to draw cash, consider going to Checkers, Pick n Pay, Shoprite or Boxer till points as the bank charges are lower.

Sleep on it

Love shopping? The 24-hour rule could help you avoid impulse buys. Give it a day and think about how necessary it is. Is that pair of (pricey but amazing) boots a “must-have” or a need? Online shopping is the main culprit as it often feels like a gift from you to you. Browse around and look around for the best price available before jumping and clicking “checkout”. Think carefully before creating more debt and overspending.

Pack lunch

There’s a reason your mom always said there was food at home to avoid buying takeaways. You’ll save hundreds just by packing lunch and avoiding those daily coffees. It all adds up! And having a pizza night at home works out way cheaper if you make your own than ordering in – it’s also a healthier alternative.

Check up on it

If all fails, shock value might help you curb your purchases. Once you realise where your money is going (and getting lost) – and the amount of money you’re spending, it might be the best way to make you stop overspending. It’s also a good way to protect yourself from cybercriminals and scammers by monitoring your accounts. You work hard and want to live a good life but focus on what will help you achieve your goals.

Here’s to taking control of your money matters – and your life! Consumer education officer for Capitec marketing and communications Nicky Mbelebele will be sharing some knowledge at DRUM Live. The event is headed to Durban on 1 June 2019 – click here to get your tickets.

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