Multivitamins boost heart health

By Drum Digital
23 October 2018


Research shows mild nutritional deficiencies play a key role in the development of life threatening diseases. This highlights the role of nutritional supplementation in the maintenance of heart health, and all-round good health.

Daily multivitamin intake can reduce heart disease by up to 44%

The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA, 19 June 2002) made a landmark recommendation that all adults should take vitamin supplements in addition to eating a healthy diet. More research studies are showing how marginal nutritional deficiencies over long periods of time play a significant role in the development of serious health problems such as heart disease – the world’s number one killer – as well as diabetes and cancer.

In fact, a recent study showed daily multivitamin intake could reduce heart disease risk by 44%. These results are significant considering the large sample size of 18 530 participants who were studied over a period of 20 years in this Harvard study.

Reduced nutrient density in our diets

Eating five portions of fresh produce daily is no longer enough; according to the latest dietary recommendations, we should be eating seven to ten portions of fresh fruit and/or vegetables daily. Interestingly, only one in five adults are believed to have met this fresh produce portion recommendation, and this was only once a week.

Is this realistic?Even for the super health-conscious, aiming for seven to ten portions per day might be biting off more than what most can chew. Our diets of refined processed foods are inadequate in the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals our bodies need to stay healthy. While multivitamins can help fill the gaps, we should aim to increase our intake of nutrient rich vegetables.

Reviews of the nutritional composition of fruits and vegetables indicate a decline in the nutrient density, which represents the relative concentration of nutrients per mass of raw food. Contributing factors include food processing, depletion of soil nutrients, as well as prolonged storage of fruits and vegetables, manipulated through temperature and hormonal control.

Find your personal balance

Most South Africans don’t get optimal amounts of key micronutrients through diet alone and taking a daily multivitamin should be recommended to help close this nutritional gap.

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