Switch to the DRUM Funeral Plan

By Drum Digital
23 July 2019


Care for your family with a name you know and trust for as little as R120 a month – signing up is easier than you’d think

Over the years you’ve come to trust DRUM to inform, inspire and entertain you and your family with informative articles and everything you need to know about the world around you – avid readers will even remember adorning their walls with posters found in our magazines. Every week, we try to bring the stories that matter to our readers. And in doing so, DRUM has become a reliable source of news, entertainment and educational topics.

We’re excited to bring a new level of trust into your family through the launch of the DRUM Funeral Plan which is focused on the needs of our readers and followers.

Cover you can trust

The DRUM Funeral Plan is designed to remove the barriers and hard-to-understand jargon in order to provide cover for you and your family from a name you know and trust with a simple and easy-to-understand monthly premium which is based on the funeral cover you need. Start planning ahead and find the perfect cover for you and your family from as little as R120 a month – anyone from 18 to 65 is eligible to apply.

What’s more? Readers with an existing funeral policy can switch today and be covered immediately. One of the biggest concerns when switching policies is the waiting period, but we’ve ensured the transition to joining our funeral plan is hassle-free because, like you, we can’t predict when a death in your family may occur. Simply provide proof showing your current policy is up to date and that you’ve had it for at least six months, and we’ll cover you and your family from day one.

Our policies also pay out claims within six hours! Our offer includes 24-hour access to a nurse via telephone, transport for the deceased and an easy claims process – all you need is the death certificate. Topics you’d rather not think about. But remember, our policies make a big difference to you and your family when you need them most.

Enjoy peace of mind of knowing you’re covered by a name you know and trust.

Switching is easy – simply SMS “SWITCH” to 32862 or WhatsApp your name to 064 863 5720.

The DRUM Funeral Plan is underwritten by KGA Life.

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