Make the most of the last week of school holidays and take your kids to the Avene sketchaquarium!

By Drum
11 January 2018

Future Park is an outing that will simply mesmerize the kids and stay with you for days after

Make the most of the last week of school holidays and take your kids to the Avene sketchaquarium!

It’s an exhibition that’s ideal for children and adults alike and offers a whole new world where you can take part in creating your surroundings. It’s especially ideal for those who enjoy colouring in, or the interaction between colour, light and sound.

3 Must-see’s at Future Park

The SKETCH AQUARIUM, sponsored by Eau Thermale Avène, is a massive projection of a fish tank. Children colour in their own tuna fish, shark, sea horse or jelly fish (to name a few) and then it’s scanned into the tank. Here it can swim around with the other children’s drawings and come to feed on the bags of food that drop into the tank every few minutes. Simply tap the bag to see the fish swim closer for a bite to eat.

SKETCH TOWN is a virtual town with roads where cars coloured in by the children drive around. The buildings, planes and UFO’s are also creations of the youngsters taking part in the exhibition. Every now and again, a giant or dragon appears on the screen, tapping the planes will cause them to chase the beasts away with their ammunition. Children can colour in their car, building, plane or UFO then scan it in to see it appear in the town. Tap on the cars or buildings to see them react to your touch. 

The LIGHT BALL ORCHESTRA is a wonderworld where different coloured balls of light each make a different sound. Roll them around to hear each unique sound, or sit back while a group of children charge at the balls and enjoy the magical sound that they create together.

Why the Sketch Aquarium for Avène?

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