This is best way to care for your baby’s skin

By Drum Digital
17 July 2018

It’s time to clear up some common myths to ensure you give your little one’s skin the best care possible

YOUR baby’s skin is different from yours and needs extra-special care for their first few years of life. There are so many theories about baby skin and even more conflicting advice on how to look after it that it’s hard to separate the facts from hearsay.

With some products from their range, Johnson’s® provides inside information to help you separate fact from fiction and to help you take care of your baby’s delicate skin.

MYTH #1 The main reason you should look after your baby’s skin is because it shows you’re a good mom

FACT It’s not just about appearances – looking after your baby’s skin is essential for their general health. Your baby’s skin is the first line of defence against the outside world, acting as a shield against germs and diseases. If skin becomes dry its protective barrier may be damaged, allowing germs and irritants to enter. 

MYTH #2 A newborn baby’s skin is soft and perfect and doesn’t need to be moisturised.

FACT A baby’s skin is certainly soft but it’s also very delicate. It has less natural oil than adult skin and loses moisture five times faster so it’s prone to dryness. Moisturising baby’s skin with Johnson’s® Baby Jelly will prevent dryness and help keep their skin healthy.

MYTH #3 Unless your baby has sensitive skin or eczema, it’s not necessary to use specially formulated baby products.

FACT It’s really not a good idea to use adult soaps and creams on your baby. Their skin is more permeable and the barrier is not as strong as yours. Many adult soaps and creams are too harsh for baby skin and contain strong fragrances and ingredients that may irritate your little one’s skin. 

MYTH #4 Adding antiseptic into the bathwater will kill germs and keep baby healthy.

FACT Antiseptic liquids are not designed for use on baby skin and may well cause a reaction. It’s better to use a mild, nondrying baby soap or baby wash that has been specially formulated for a baby’s skin.

Myth #5 The main reason to use baby powder is to make your baby smell good.

FACT Baby powder does smell lovely, but it also has real benefits for the skin. It helps absorb unwanted moisture that gathers in the chubby folds and reduces friction and scratchiness between baby’s clothes and skin. 

Myth #6 A cloth dampened with warm water is enough to cleanse baby’s nappy area.

FACT This will clean the surface of the skin but not all the unseen waste residue. A cloth can also be rough on baby’s skin and water alone may dry it out. It’s better to use a gentle pH-balanced baby wipe designed for delicate skin.

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